Wednesday, September 3, 2008

More Americans Dying From Lack of Health Insurance Than In Iraq

Dreadful as the casualty reports from Iraq may be, more Americans are dying from inadequate health care here at home owing to the criminal negligence of the Bush Administration... Submitted by jerry b. to US Politics | Note-it!

Insurance Cost?

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In February 2002, the Federal Government’s Interdepartmental Committee on Employment-based Health Insurance Surveys approved the following set of definitions for use in Federal surveys collecting employer-based health insurance data.

Homeowners snap up flood insurance (AP)

AP - Sales of federal flood insurance rose sharply across the country last year as homeowners saw the devastation from Hurricane Katrina and realized that typical policies didn’t cover many losses.

Thompson says he'll investigate insurance companies

JACKSON, Miss. Congressman Bennie Thompson says he plans to investigate insurance companies' denial of claims by Hurricane Katrina victims.

Is Your Insurance Plan Living In The Past? LIFE Foundation Offers ...

As you set out your financial to45dos for the year ahead, make sure that reexamining your personal insurance plan is a priority that tops the list.

Funny Thai insurance advertisement

This is a pretty cool Thai insurance company ad from a few years back. I've learned to expect the unexpected when traveling in Thailand, and have witnessed some similarly incredible incidents on Thai roads.

Fog insurance on the anvil

New Delhi: Air travellers could soon be able to insure themselves against flight delays and cancellations. The recent spell of fog had passengers running for cover and led to huge losses for airlines.

Musicians Health Care Insurance 1/33/07

Dear Musicians, Ever wonder why Muscians and Health Care Insurance don't mix well in Georgia? Have you priced an Individual Health Insurance Policy lately? A CA Insurance Salesman Calls For Truth In Alien ...

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